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Septic System Inspections & Repairs

Septic System Inspections

Licensed State of New Hampshire Septic System Evaluator – License #110

We will inspect your septic system, providing communication and explanation while onsite, and a detailed report with photographs emailed to you.

During our inspection we will:

  • Locate and expose the septic tank
  • Inspect the integrity of the tank, baffles, and filter if necessary
  • Locate and expose the distribution box
  • Dig observation holes in the leaching field, and inspect

If repairs are needed we will provide a description and cost.

Septic Tank Repairs

Greg Septic Service and K.G. Blood and Sons, LLC repair/maintain/replace all and any of your septic system needs. We provide full-service repairs to correct a wide variety of issues with your tank, including:

  • Back Flowing
  • System Failures
  • Pump Failures
  • Clogged Lines
  • Frozen Lines
  • High-Pressure Jetting
  • Inlet/Outlet Baffle repairs or replacement
  • Repair cracks inside concrete septic tank
  • Repair inlet line, from the house to the septic tank
  • Installation of riser(s) and covers
  • Replace/Repair Distribution Box

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